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Dream Things True – Digital Only

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Dream Things True – The Debut Album From The Minstrel’s Ghost

Product Description

Dream Things True is the debut album from The Minstrel’s Ghost. Started in 2008 with all instruments performed by Blake Carpenter, this album took 3 years to complete. Recorded solely at Dragons Blood Studios this album is a collection of dream, wishes and fantasies that will fill your ears and mind with wonder and intrigue.


The American Dream

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Future World

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Silent Dream

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Three Roses

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The Minstrel’s Ghost – Dream Things True

Track List:

01. The American Dream - 02. In Search Of - 03.The Forest (The Battle Of The Trees) - 04. Future World - 05. MAB - 06. Dragons Blood - 07. Castle In The Sky - 08. Looking Down - 09. Silent Dream - 10.Creature Of The Night (From Madness A Vampires Story) - 11. Three Roses - 12. The Wolf (Friends In Paradise)

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